The Wayne Council of PTOs is a non-profit organization that works closely with 14 local PTO school chapters, building strong working relationships with Parents, Teachers and Administration to support and enrich all of Wayne’s students.

The purpose of the Wayne Council of PTOs is to initiate, promote and sponsor its students, carry out policies and by-laws, and encourage communication and participation between parents and the school and bringing the community closer together.

The Wayne Council of PTOs provides community programs such as ‘Children’s Cultural Workshops’ as well as raising funds through the ‘Browse n Shop Consignment Store’. Both of these programs generate income that allows the Wayne Council of PTOs to provide scholarships to its graduating high school seniors. The Wayne Council of PTOs also runs a Food Bank that is located at Wayne Hills High School, providing much-needed meals to families in need.

The Wayne Council of PTOs values its strong sense of community and strives to work with many local partners, including the ‘Wayne Alliance for the Prevention of Drug and Alcohol Abuse’.