The next TREP$ Marketplace will take place December 4th, 2015 at Schuyler Colefax Middle School between 6:30pm and 8:30 pm.  Please come out and support our young entrepreneurs!

treps2Children learn how to run a successful business through an award-winning, entrepreneurship education program, TREP$!  Students learn about product development, marketing, finance, advertising and sales through fun workshops and activities.

Through TREP$, kids learn the hard work of entrepreneurship as well as the creative aspects of running a business. Children learn to betreps3 professional, collaborate with each other, make pitch presentations, think creatively, support each other, and take risks.

At the TREP$ Marketplace, students are able to showcase their products and sell them to the public.  The professional experience teaches them the importance of dressing professionally, acting appropriately and culminates with the elation that accompanies the sales!

TREP$, a trendy term for young entrepreneurs, is the award-winning, entrepreneurship education program that provides the right situation for the kids in your school to become extraordinary.  TREP$ gets kids excited to come to school and helps children to think big.

TREP$, winner of the New Jersey PTA’s Champion for Children Award, teaches kids in grades 4-8 the basics of business ownership.  Through a series of engaging Workshops, the classroom or afterschool program takes on a professional environment as students are exposed to topics like product development, finance, marketing, advertising, and sales.  It’s the TREP$ Marketplace, however, that defines this program, giving the children the memory of a lifetime: the night they launched their first business!